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All Seasons Heating and Cooling will service and repair any make or model heater or comfort system in your home, rental property, or commercial buildings.

Diagnostic or Service Includes:
• Flue
• Inducer Motor
• Flame Sensor
• Pilot Light or Hot Surface Igniter
• Gas Valve
• Limit Switches
• Circuit Board
• Blower
• Air Filters

Furnaces are designed to heat your home on the coldest days. The reality is that there are only a few days per season where that condition exists.  Technology enables a gas furnace to improve indoor air circulation and overall comfort, while reducing operating noise.

Single Speed/Single Stage Furnaces
A basic furnace that only provides a high heat mode. A single speed furnace does not have the ability to adjust to the milder conditions, thus causing large temperature swings and a less comfortable home. In addition, this may causes energy usage and system repairs.

Two-Speed/Two Stage Furnaces
Operates at a slower, more consistent level over 90% of the time. This means lower temperature swings and cold drafts which are associated with single speed furnaces.

Variable Speed Furnaces
Features the best technology as well as being the quietest furnaces in the industry today. The blower motor ramps up gently, quietly and economically to provide a nearly continuous flow of warm air in a low capacity operation, maximizing your comfort. The blower motor uses only an eighth of the power of a standard furnace blower motor. It also increases efficiency in your air conditioning system up to 10%.

Heat Pumps
If you use only electricity to heat and cool your home then a heat pump is the most energy efficient system that you can use for indoor comfort. Heat pumps provide three times more heating than the equivalent amount of energy they consume. Heat pumps also do double duty as your home’s air conditioner. A heat pump can decrease the amount of electricity you use for heating by as much as 30%-40%.8

“Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency”  (AFUE)
It’s the way in which has furnaces are rated for comparison.   Furnaces are built to be either 80% to 97% efficient.  Don’t be fooled into thinking that all units with the same AFUE ratings are equal. The differences become apparent when you look closer at things like construction, quality, reliability, durability, and enhanced warranties.

When deciding to replace a new furnace call us first for an honest recommendation.
Schedule an appointment today to determine the system’s capacity, efficiency and
investment that will suit your needs.  Ask about energy saving – high efficiency models.

When cold winter weather is at its worst, you can relax knowing that
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